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Platinum Nexx is a female entrepreneur who is the C.E.O of VantiBling LLC. She worked in customer service for about 10 years, Platinum Nexx always had love for the fashion and film making she used to write her own stories and designed her own clothes. Being a business owner was always one of her dreams someday, but she didn’t know how to get started or if it was more of a risk than a reality until oneday she when she was working as a cashier at retail store she realized she loved it and figured out that this was something she wanted to do and she was going to make it happen. Then she opened her own store and then decided to pursue a career in modeling. When opening up any business you must set goals and do your research. I moved back to pittsburgh PA because I knew the area and I knew I could started my business here. “I started both of companies because I love the fashion industry and writing I feel it is a good start in the right direction to making a difference my biggest goal for both companies is to give back to my community by offering make overs free of charge to the community and giving people career opportunities.”

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