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ELIE Circle, LLC is an education, training, and consulting business that equips individuals and organizations to create trauma-informed communities.

ELIE Circle Professional Development Training Sessions

General Overview

  • Trauma-Informed Care Framework
  • Complex Trauma including Brain Development
  • Impacts of Trauma

What Are We Bringing

  • Self-Reflection
  • Self-Care
  • Growth Mindset

Intentionally Building Relationships

  • Importance
  • Barriers including Race and Gender
  • Techniques


  • Importance
  • Barriers
  • Techniques including Motivational Interviewing, Empathic Communication, Restorative Practices


ELIE Circle Professional Development Services

Collaboration to create training sessions for organizations

Consultation on creating trauma-informed out-of-school programs

Facilitation of discussions with Q&A

*Each customer receives a free consultation meeting to discuss organizational needs.

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