Happy Day Dessert Factory serves Premium Homemade Hard Ice Cream as its signature product in addition to Water Ice, Frozen Soft Custard, Stackers (frozen custard layered with water ice), Ice Shakes (blended mix of water ice and custard), Twisters (blended mix of water ice, premium hard ice cream or custard, and cookie pieces), milk shakes, sundaes, fresh baked cookies, ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cakes, frozen pies, waffle cones and bottled water.

Happy Day Dessert Factory is a new and exciting brand and 12+ years of experience in the frozen dessert industry has been used to place a fresh twist on a familiar treat.

Premium Homemade Hard Ice Cream, Water Ice and Soft Custard have been around for many years; however Happy Day Dessert Factory produces a superior product. All of our products are made daily with premium ingredients such as chunks of real fruit, 15% butterfat ice cream base and a 10% butterfat custard base.

Our water ice is fat free and cholesterol free, a healthier choice all around.  Guests are instantly hooked on Happy Day Dessert Factory because of the natural and fresh flavors.  As a result of such a fantastic product, loyal customers line up at the door and patiently wait in line for their favorite treat.

Our product line consists of Cones, Cookies, Shakes & Cakes.  Happy Day Dessert Factory will become part of a lifestyle and this is promoted by the slogan, Smiles made fresh daily!!!

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