Hey BOOP, LLC (body contouring)

Hey BOOP, LLC – that stands for Body of Optimal Perfections, offers body contouring services.  We are conveniently located inside the beautiful Destani Hair Salon in a private room.  Our service uses an FDA approved machine which, with ultrasonic cavitation permanently destroys fat cells, and radiofrequency tightens and tones the skin.  Vacuum therapy is also a part of the treatment process which helps to disperse fat and or cellulite promoting it to break up and dissipate.  The average person sees their desired result after 6-12 treatments so we have grouped 6 treatments in 1 package for a discounted rate (see website for pricing).  So whether you want to flatten your stomach, tighten up your thighs, get rid of cellulite on your bottom, say bye-bye to batwings or backfat, we can help you achieve that at Hey BOOP, LLC.

We offer free consultations so just call or text to set yours up today!

visit our website www.hey-boop.com

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