Jewels Home Staging and Furniture Design, LLC

Jewels Home Staging and Furniture Design, LLC started in January 2019. The company has set it’s sights to become the top staging company based in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

Our Mission: to recognize a property’s personality and selling features, and to produce a design plan that speaks to anyone that views.

Our Vision: is looking forward to helping communities that have fallen on hard times, by working with real estate agents and house flippers to occupy abandoned or dilapidated homes. We want to ensure homes are updated through beautification and lived in by community members that also have the vision in making the area, neighborhoods again.

Our services include:

– Vacant Home Staging

– Occupied Home Staging

– Photo Only Staging

– Redecoration

– Declutter/Depersonalize

– Organization

– “Shop With You”

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