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Ibeji Drum Ensemble

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In 1995, the Mitchell Family formed The Ibeji Drum Ensemble to “edu-tain” (educate and entertain) audiences of all ages and ethnicities, and to preserve and cultivate an awareness of the rich musical traditions of West Africa.

The Ibeji Drum Ensemble was founded by Dr. Anthony B. Mitchell (Baba Tony), Beatrice Y. Mitchell (Iya Bea), and their twin sons, Anthony, Jr. and Dante.  Ibeji means “twins” in the West African Yoruba tradition. As a family, the Mitchell’s embody the traditional musical heritage of Africa.

The Mitchells have traveled numerous times to Guinea, Senegal and Ghana, West Africa to study traditional drum, dance and culture.  They have also traveled to Cuba, Jamaica and Puerto Rico.

Programs Offered by Kuumba, Inc.

African & AfricanAmerican History
African American Oral History
African-centered Educational Pedagogy
Culturally Responsive Arts Education
Educating African American Males
Mentoring African American Males
Parental Involvement
Rites of Passage
​West African Drum, Dance & Culture


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