Massage by HARAMBE is more generally directed towards Eldercare, Senior Lifestyle Advocacy  and Pain Therapies.   I have a wide and diverse skillset in CAM modalities.   I am a PA licensed Massage Therapist (PA MSG006385).   I am a Certified Geriatric Massage Therapist.    Briefly, my massage toolkit includes but is not limited to:  Swedish Massage  /  Chair Massage  /  Deep Tissue (Neuromuscular Therapy)  /  Sports Massage  /  Therapeutic Touch  /  Myofascial Release (MFR)  /  Geriatric Massage  /  Meditation  /  Active Isolated Stretching  /  Facial Lymphatic Drainage  /  Manual Lymphatic Drainage  /  Reiki  /  Palliative and Hospice Massage  /  Addiction Recovery Massage.

I am a ‘country doctor’ of massage therapy. I only do outcalls. I am a pain specialist. My goals are to find the cause of pain . . apply techniques and therapies to minimize or eliminate the issues . . and teach the client to self-care from that point.   I am unique in what I do and how I do.  I chase pain.

My Eldercare services especially include Palliative and Hospice Massage services.  Many clients facing end of life transition are opting for these services whether in institution or in-home.  These services enable loved ones including caretakers to face the difficulties of transition with pride .. dignity .. and comfort.

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