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The name Our Grandmother’s Hair is not just a name, it is to pay respect to our Grandmothers, and the women before them who taught us how to treat our hair. Natural hair is beauty, its the place we wear our crowns! For years I have watched my Grandmother in her garden, planting trees and walking around in our community in Waterhouse (Kingston, Jamaica) searching for castor bean trees and sourcing all other products needed off the land to make this added ingredient in what we called “Hair Gold”. She would do it all by hand, adding no preservatives, she didnt even know what preservatives were. So now its time for the world to experience OUR GRANDMOTHER’S HAIR.
Say bye to bald spots, hair that wont grow, dry hair & scalp.
Start your hair journey with us, Both women and men.
We have “Hair Gold” oil, Shampoo & Conditioner.. And thats just the beginning! #blackgirlmagic #blackownedbusiness #blackwomeninbusiness #queens #hairhealth #hairgrowth #naturalhair #hairproducts

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Our Grandmother’s Hair Beauty and Grooming

P.O. box 18754

OGH uses all natural and homegrown ingredients imported from Jamaica to ensure that our customers are receiving the best quality products.

It is our mission to help you get back to your roots!! For all hair types!


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